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Good/Bad Brands – Yet Another Cat Food Guide

Publication date: 2018-04-21 21:13

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What are your thoughts on Purina 8767 s Kit & Kaboodle? I know Purina 8767 s under the ugly category, but it 8767 d specified either Cat Chow or ONE, so I was curious about your opinion on Kit & Kaboodle. I 8767 ve been feeding the outdoor cats around my neighborhood this, and none of them seem to be having issues, but as they 8767 re not my pets, I can 8767 t take them to the vet to check anything. I can 8767 t take them in, but I would like to be feeding them the best that I can afford since I don 8767 t make too much money and Kit & Kaboodle seems fairly cheap and alright to me.

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If it works for your cats, great! Keep doing what you 8767 re doing. It didn 8767 t work out for my cats, so I switched. Food is a deeply personal choice, and all kinds of decisions go into the types of food we feed our pets. Health is one of the biggest but by no means the only factor.

Here 8767 s the non-exclusive list of the brands manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods (as listed on The Truth About Pet Food ):

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Good/Bad Brands – Yet Another Cat Food Guide Good for all pharmacy

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