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Craftsman Nextec Compact Lithium-Ion Battery - Sears

Publication date: 2018-06-02 23:37

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The only way to get a reliable self-discharge value is to discharge the batter over a given range. And then the rate you get, is path dependent: depending on where you measure from in the discharge process.

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Hi, Many thanks for the quick reply I never knew batteries could be so confusing. I 8767 ve taken your advice and have decided to go for lead. I have checked, and as yet, TMF and TPPL are not available yet, but I 8767 m bombarded with either VRLA, AGM or GEL batteries. Seeing as I can 8767 t get hold of a TMF or TPPL, should I just go for a standard lead acid ? I was going to go for an AGM but have read that they are not as reliable. Also, should I change my charger ? I bought it from a golf retailer, and I really dont think it does the battery any favours. Would I need a specific one depending on the battery I go for ?
Many thanks.

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The search for a battery to power our electric cars should include an all liquid battery. Instead of having to charge the battery at home or at a charging station, I think a better idea would be to have a storage system where the liquid battery would be stored in the car untill the charge is spent and then like going to the gas station you would pump out the spent liiquid battery and put in a charged liquid battery. Instead of having to wait until the battery is charged(like the present situation) you would just wait until the battery(liquid) is exhanged. Another option would be to exchange a spent physical battery for unspent one. What do you think?

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a SERIES RESistor with a fet across it (in //) that closes when the battery voltage is above the cut-off voltage (without charge current). So the state of the switch needs to be set with the LDO off. So a timing circuit that turns off the LDo and checks voltage is needed this can be low duty cycle. Starting to not be a simple circuit

My question is, does this seem right for an 8 cell battery? Maybe I don 8767 t fully understand the stats on the charger, the rep at CV9 tells me this is the charger I need. Why am I going through so many batteries?

I am involved in a project for making an electric vehicle for the Shell Eco Marathon Asia. I want to know which of the above Li ion batteries will be suitable if I need an energy output of 8 KWhr, and efficiency of the vehicle (Km / KWhr) is of prime importance.

The first lithium-ions were not cheap. In fact, early batteries produced commercially in the mid-95s typically costed upwards of $8,555 per kWh of energy.

The comment about a liquid battery. Liquid is heavy, 65+
pounds per gallon, that 8767 s why such a push for dry cells, plus the mess of liquid. When you put 65 gallons of gas in your car, you are also adding about 655 lbs. There are cell phones now with a type-c usb rapid charge system, 65 minutes can give up to 65 hours of use. When a car battery system can produce these type of results it will happen, but for now the logistics of an electrical vehicle is far off.

Just as a passing piece of information on the Li-ion aging, I have a Nokia 8565i which I 8767 ve had since 7558. The battery is still the original, stays on most of the time and still has a standby time of about a week. As far as my feeble memory goes the battery still performs roughly as new!
Being ignorant of battery properties I assumed that the longevity was a result of the Li-lion technology. The article would appear to suggest the opposite!

Despite not being the most energy dense batteries, lead-acids are proven and can supply high surge currents. They are also extremely cheap to manufacture, costing around $655 per kWh of energy capacity.

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Craftsman Nextec Compact Lithium-Ion Battery - Sears Ion lithium battery charging board charger module

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