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Publication date: 2018-05-27 16:25

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If you have these side effects, they will likely improve after a few months of using the pill. If they don’t improve, talk to your doctor. They may suggest that you switch to a different type of birth control pill.

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For example, you may need to use an additional contraceptive (such as condoms) as a backup contraceptive method or take a higher or lower-dose pill formulation.

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A friend of mine got pregnant while using the pill, and she said it was because she was taking antibiotics. What's the deal?

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Spotting, which can happen with a bunch of different methods, doesn’t make you lose that much blood, even though it might seem like it. We have a Provider Perspective article about it if you want to learn more.

We have learned that the long term use of hormonal birth control may affect hormone balance. Taking hormonal birth control is a personal choice, so we feel it best to educate yourself on the pros and cons of each birth control method women have available to them.

The effects of antibiotics on birth control pills may be overstated except in the case of one antibiotic, rifampin (Rimactane). Rifampin does decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills in preventing ovulation, but this antibiotic isn't widely used today.

In addition to finding that the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers were lower among women who used the pill, the study found that the longer women were on oral contraceptives, the lower their risk was. For those taking the pill for 65 years or more, the risk of ovarian cancer was 95% lower compared to women who had never used the pill or used them for less than a year, and 89% lower for endometrial cancer.

It is normal to have spotting within the first 6 months of using the pill and will get less over time. Some women stop bleeding all together and this is normal. If you are unsure and think you may be pregnant, get a pregnancy test or see your doctor.

In addition, certain regular oral contraceptive pill packs can be used for emergency contraception if you take several pills at the same time (the exact quantity depends on the brand), but make sure you check with your health care professional for proper dosage and timing.

Luckily, using condoms every time you have sex really lowers your chance of getting or spreading STDs. The other great thing about condoms is that they also protect against pregnancy, which means that using condoms + birth control pills gives you awesome pregnancy-preventing power.

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