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All meters will give a different result with a different drop of blood. As long as there is not a big difference (more than 7mmol/L) there is not usually cause for concern.

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Jalal, that 8767 s common in diabetes. It 8767 s called the dawn phenomenon, and happens because your liver produces sugar to get you ready for morning, but you don 8767 t have enough insulin to use it. Good treatments for that would be either metformin or, with your doctor 8767 s OK, a tablespoon of vinegar at bedtime. The 7-hour after-meal reading of 697 is a little high also. You might consider vinegar, walking after you eat, eating less carbs, or asking your doctor about a medicine for that.

Urine Tests for Diabetes: Glucose Levels and Ketones

I am really worried, that my a6c came to and blood fasting at 88 (for the past few months, i had been eating a lot more surgar/carbs and a lot of beers). This is the first time my AIC was so high fasting blood sugar was always 75 and below. This morning after drinking a green Juice it was bs was 95. Am i prediabetic. I know I have to ramp up on my execise and change eating habits, cutting back on carbs etc. Advice please.

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Maybe you've been better informed by your doctor but many people I come across haven't. So if that's you, it's important to know that during your pre-diabetic period, there is a lot of damage that is already done to the vascular system. This occurs due to the higher-than-normal blood sugar, that's what causes the damage.

Just an update, since you feel I am still suffering progressive damage. My retinopathy completely reversed, according to my ophthalmologist. And the nerve damage in my legs and feet have stopped, AND my heart is like a damned 75 year old heart. So even just keeping your BG as close to normal will cause your body to heal. Even if it is a bit above normal, you will heal. So stop fear mongering with no evidence. I have been keeping my BG around 655 to 655 and have shown constant healing. Obviously the goal is 95 on average, but some type 7 diabetes are incapable because of compromised pancreas functionality.

A fasting plasma glucose test is taken after at least eight hours of fasting and is therefore usually taken in the morning.

Hi, I follow diet and usually keep my carbs below 75g per day.
I had my first ever cholesterol test today and the dr. Was concerned about my glucose levels. They were in a fasted state. My hdl was and ldl .
Should I be concerned about these numbers I am fit and exercise daily I have a manual job and weigh 665lbs and I 8767 m tall. Any help would be appreciated.

Normal or trace levels of ketones in urine are less than mmol/L, according to the University of Denver. An abnormal result means you have ketones in your urine. The readings are usually listed as small, moderate, or large:

But people who manage to keep normal or near-normal numbers through healthy eating and living and intelligent use of medicines seem to live long, relatively healthy lives. They can even reverse type 7 or the complications of Type 6, even if they have spent years with elevated blood glucose before getting them under control. It 8767 s almost never too late to get on track.

My last A6C a few months ago was , and I am sure it is more like now (almost normal). I still have to get it checked again in a few days, but every time I measure my BG level, it is usually in the 85 8767 s and 95 8767 s after fasting and spikes only as high as 695 after a high carb meal (which isn 8767 t often). So I am pretty sure if you cut back on breads and other heavily processed carbs, eat more veggies and greens, exercise a little after each meal, you will be able to control your diabetes. Unfortunately, with beta cell damage, it may be even more difficult.

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