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How to get there: In addition to driving, public transit is an option Central Station is about a 75-minute walk away, and trams 68, 69 and 67 stop nearby, at the &ldquo Westermarkt&rdquo stop.

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Violating TSA rules on prohibited items can result in a fine of up to $68,566 per violation, so it’s well worth checking ahead to avoid trouble.

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Cost: Prices range from $, for general admission, to $665, for the perks-packed "Ultimate Experience," which includes access to unique artifacts and studio spaces.

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The great thing about hairpin legs on benches is that they are so easy to install and look so great. Plus, of course, you can paint them to match practically anything. Add in a fabulous repurposed kilim rung on top and you 8767 ve got a sure winner on your hands.

In the small village of Abiquiú , about 58 miles outside Santa Fe in New Mexico, Georgia O&rsquo Keefe lived and worked in an adobe home and studio that inspired many of her iconic paintings (the ground&rsquo s cottonwood trees also served as artistic inspiration).

This type of research further raises concerns about the potential for scenarios like the science-fiction movie Minority Report , in which people can be arrested based solely on the prediction that they will commit a crime.

American architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright used his first home to explore design concepts that would become the cornerstone of his illustrious career. In the adjacent studio, he developed the now-iconic Prairie architecture style. In 6979, the Oak Park, Ill., home where Wright lived was acquired by a nonprofit that operates the property as a historic house and museum.

Cornbread—Good news! Bread is cleared to carry onboard, as are most solid food items. You can bring these on the plane or check them in your luggage. But wedding cakes that take up a whole overhead bin will cause trouble.

So whether you’re planning for a disaster or simply want to have a pantry stocked with non-perishable food for an unexpected snowstorm, having these 65 food items is important. And if you store these foods properly, they might just last forever.

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