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The template package html/template is powerful this program just touches on its capabilities. In essence, it rewrites a piece of HTML text on the fly by substituting elements derived from data items passed to , in this case the form value. Within the template text ( templateStr ), double-brace-delimited pieces denote template actions. The piece from {{if.}} to {{end}} executes only if the value of the current data item, called . (dot), is non-empty. That is, when the string is empty, this piece of the template is suppressed.

Providing and Documenting Effective Supervision

I worked with Addison-Wesley to produce a video version of the book Effective Python. You can view samples and buy the video on the publisher 8767 s website.

What is effective communication? definition and meaning

Although it doesn't look superficially very different from initialization in C or C++, initialization in Go is more powerful. Complex structures can be built during initialization and the ordering issues among initialized objects, even among different packages, are handled correctly.

Effective Go - The Go Programming Language

This rule arises because pointer methods can modify the receiver invoking them on a value would cause the method to receive a copy of the value, so any modifications would be discarded. The language therefore disallows this mistake. There is a handy exception, though. When the value is addressable, the language takes care of the common case of invoking a pointer method on a value by inserting the address operator automatically. In our example, the variable b is addressable, so we can call its Write method with just . The compiler will rewrite that to (& b).Write for us.

We write . after v in the nested call to Sprintln to tell the compiler to treat v as a list of arguments otherwise it would just pass v as a single slice argument.

Embedding types introduces the problem of name conflicts but the rules to resolve them are simple. First, a field or method X hides any other item X in a more deeply nested part of the type. If contained a field or method called Command , the Command field of Job would dominate it.

The publishing house Novatec Editora has translated and released a Portuguese version of Effective Python. You can buy the book directly from the publisher.

(Note the ampersands.) That quoted string format is also available through %q when applied to a value of type string or []byte. The alternate format %#q will use backquotes instead if possible. (The %q format also applies to integers and runes, producing a single-quoted rune constant.) Also, %x works on strings, byte arrays and byte slices as well as on integers, generating a long hexadecimal string, and with a space in the format ( % x ) it puts spaces between the bytes.

This approach can be taken too far. Reference counts may be best done by putting a mutex around an integer variable, for instance. But as a high-level approach, using channels to control access makes it easier to write clear, correct programs.

An unused import like fmt or io in the previous example should eventually be used or removed: blank assignments identify code as a work in progress. But sometimes it is useful to import a package only for its side effects, without any explicit use. For example, during its init function, the net/http/pprof package registers HTTP handlers that provide debugging information. It has an exported API, but most clients need only the handler registration and access the data through a web page. To import the package only for its side effects, rename the package to the blank identifier:

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