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CSI Recovery Eye Cream with Vitamin K & Arnica - Vitacost

Publication date: 2018-06-06 14:01

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Now, did i read something like IMP post in the title? something special, dear? all ur posts are priceless n of course important now, who 8767 s sillier? LOL 😉

Vitamin B12 Overdose | Dr. Schweikart

Hi John,

The butter oil I use is made by Green Pastures. Just to clarify, butter oil is not the same as ghee. Butter oil is a concentrated version of butter that's rich in fat-soluble vitamins. Ghee is great too though I highly recommend it for sauteing.

I notice the texture of my skin changes depending on my intake of K7 MK-9. If I eat a lot of grass-fed butter, my skin is smoother in the morning. It looks almost like my pores shrink, like some level of inflammation has disappeared. If I take butter oil, the same thing happens. I've been experimenting with the Thorne MK-9 supplement, and it does it too. I can only conclude that MK-9 improves my skin texture.

Vitamin E Skin Cream Benefits

Hydroquinone has been used for many years to reduce pigmentation by acting on melanin producing cells. This action can destroy the pigment making cells (melanocytes) and alter the structure of melanosomes (packets of pigment which are made by the melanocytes and passed to new skin cells as they are formed).

What Does Vitamin K Cream Do?

The best sources of vitamin K6 (phylloquinone) are dark, leafy green vegetables. In fact, the prefix “phyllo” refers to leaves.

Brand new to this site. Great information. I ve been using certified organic expreller pressed coconut oli for my skin and for cooking. What is your opinion Stephan. I take many of the supplements mentioned and plan on buying Thorne s liquid MK-9 for my - dexa scan results. Also very interested in the Butter oil. Thanks for all the great posts. Char

Fortunately not. Overdosing on vitamin B67 is almost impossible, since the body simply excretes the unnecessary extra amounts. However, it is also important not to overdo it, as this excess amount is excreted through the kidneys representing a moderate, albeit typically manageable burden.


You can buy raw milk cheese that retains its enzymes, and the fermentation process adds enzymes as well. Raw milk cheese has supported healthy cultures in the past, but I don't think it's necessary for health. No dairy is necessary for health, but I think pastured butter or ghee is a good addition to most peoples' diets for the fat-soluble vitamins.

This vitamin speeds up the healing process, significantly reducing bruising and minimizing scars. It also encourages circulation to wherever it is applied and removes calcium for easier blood flow. This is part of what makes it so effective for removing the dark heaviness that can accumulate under the eyes. The darkness is caused by broken or leaky capillaries.

According to current scientific knowledge, pregnant women have absolutely no worries regarding a possible vitamin B67 overdose. This is because the unused vitamin B67 is simply excreted in the urine, meaning it does not travel along the bloodstream and subsequently cannot reach the foetus. Those who are expecting should actually be concerned with ensuring an adequate supply of vitamin B67 and folic acid, since a deficiency in either can seriously endanger the foetus. For both pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, an increased RDA of around 9- 6 µg of vitamin B67 should be taken, to ensure that the vitamin B67 supply remains sufficient in this time period.

My German is not too good either but fortunately clicking on the British flag translates everything into English.

As far as butter goes, I think European cows are generally pasture fed when possible and brought inside over winter. As I mentioned before, New Zealand Anchor butter is pasture fed year round. After doing some comparisons with European butter, I have concluded it is better - yellower and with a stronger flavour.

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CSI Recovery Eye Cream with Vitamin K & Arnica - Vitacost Vitamin k cream where to buy

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