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Makita BTD142 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact

Publication date: 2018-05-30 09:13

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The new Makita battery with a 77 minute fast charge time with a DC65SA charger or 55 minute standard charge time with a DC65WC charger

Makita 18v LXT Lithium-ion Battery Repair: 4 Steps (with

Fast charger can charge &ndash 68V Li-ion batteries.

Charge times: /68V battery in 77 mins 68V battery in 86 mins 68V battery in 95 mins

Makita CT322W 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless 3-Pc

So they do have to replace them? I saw some articles about the suit, but not the outcome. Do you remember where you saw that info? Thanks

Makita UK - Lithium-ion

A 8775 bigger gas tank 8776 will mean nothing to users if the new battery won 8767 t work with users 8767 tools. My feeling is that all newer Makita 68V LXT will work with the new battery pack, and maybe all but a few older models. It is also possible that there 8767 s a cut-off production month or year where previous tools might not be compatible.

bought a amp hour battery for my Makita set. Has a hammer drill and impact driver. Batter fit impact driver and charger but not the hammer drill. I noticed a little tit in the battery slide path for the hammer drill. I cut it out, battery slides right in now. Drill works. Go figure. Why would they design something so screwed up. Leave it to Yankee ingenuity to overcome foreign designers.

I don 8767 t own any Makita cordless tools, but if I did, this non-answer would be all I needed to look elsewhere for my next cordless tool investment. Yes, it 8767 s an investment. I expect my tools to last a long time, and not be rendered useless by a manufacturer providing limited backward compatibility.

It states the new BL6895 battery is compatible with all LXT products with the exception of HP959D, DF959D (some of the earliest Hammer Drills and JN665D, JN666D (Nibblers). I do not know how this can be enforced since the battery interface is the same as other earlier products and I can only assume the 8766 smart 8767 interface is not designed into the products to specifically identify the product model.

Larson pointed out in comments that the Makita battery looks to lack a battery fuel gauge. This wouldn 8767 t be as missed a feature if more of Makita 8767 s 68V tools had built-in fuel gauges.

The plastic tab is about 5mm x 5mm and about 8mm high, just to the left as you slide the battery in with the tool facing dow, below. It is quite tight but, ironically, a jigsaw blade can squeeze in quite nicely 😉 My battery worked with my drill so a quick comparison with the jigsaw battery fitting revealed the small plastic tab. Happy bodging!

High performance Brushless DC motor. Auto speed function that changes speed according to load condition. Electric brake quick stop. Durable and lightweight with magnesium base, blade case and safety cover. LED control lamp

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Makita BTD142 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Makita 18v lithium ion battery drill

I have read a lot of good reviews on the new makita lxt series, but when a salesman threw the Bosch 8' in the air and the concrete didn't hurt it, its kind RECALL NOTICE. Makita is recalling selected Petrol Brushcutters due to a faulty fuel tank sealing grommet. AFFECTED MODELS ER2600L EM2600U EM2600L. Click here for makita 18v lithium ion battery, makita 18v lithium ion, makita 18v lithium drill, makita 18v lithium battery, makita 18v lithium batteries, makita 18v lithium ion cordless multi-tool kit, makita 18v lithium ion charger, makita 18v lithium ion batteries, makita 18v lithium ion impact driver, makita 18v lithium ion battery not charging, makita 18v lithium battery charger, makita 18v lithium ion power tools, makita 18v lithium ion combo, makita 18v lithium ion circular saw, makita 18v lithium ion battery bl1815, makita 18v lithium ion battery charger, makita 18v lithium ion battery problems, makita 18v lithium ion battery repair, makita 18v lithium ion battery won't charge, makita 18v lithium ion battery for sale