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Elevated Liver Enzymes - causes, treatment, and more details

Publication date: 2018-06-07 18:49

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Hi there about 7 months ago I got blood took and my doc said my iron was too high,my cholesterol is high and I had to take folic acid cause that was low, she said she thinks I 8767 ve got fatty liver go for my scan next week I 8767 ve been getting a lot of pain in the bottom right hand corner of my back, but today the pains in the front bottom right of my stomach I don 8767 t smoke don 8767 t drink but I am overweight. Can u give me some advice please.

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That drug helps in dissolving gallstones and is used for primary biliary cirrhosis ( info here on it ). There isn 8767 t yet an effective drug for fatty liver your best bet is to exercise and eat a healthy diet to help your liver recover.

Herbs such as milk thistle are safe, and you drink it as a tea. It has a flavonoid called silymarin that may help repair damaged liver cells (there 8767 s mixed studies on whether it 8767 s effective). Otherwise, I would definitely check first with some medical tests to see why she is ill. I wish you well!

I don 8767 t think I can help you Pankaj I 8767 m not a doctor. Along with physiotherapy for the back, the best remedy for fatty liver is proper diet and no alcohol to allow the liver to heal. It 8767 ll take a few months, but it 8767 s a lifestyle change towards healthier diet and moderate exercise.

I have been told I have a mild to moderate swollen Liver with an elevated transaminase level, what does this mean & can I do anything about it.

Immunotherapy drugs, such as atzolizumab (Tecentriq) and durvalumab (Imfinzi), also treat bladder cancer. These drugs block a molecule known as PD-L6 that leads to increased immune system (T-cell) activation and decreased tumor size you should discuss with your doctors what individual treatments are best for your current condition.

Learn how to use your medicines correctly. If you take inhaled medicines, you should practice using your inhaler at your doctor's office. If you take long-term control medicines, take them daily as your doctor prescribes.

Kerry. I am in your position. I am thin and have fatty liver or nash. Have you fixed your fatty liver and was it worth seeing a nathopath. So far for me gp has been useless. Your thoughts

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Elevated Liver Enzymes - causes, treatment, and more details Treatment plan for domestic violence

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